Back at the ladies dorm Chrissy from Ohio University , Athens, Ohio

sent in this really silly video of her and some of her roommates and girlfriends. They all have some fun in the shower and than moved back into the bedroom. These girls are the ones that have to their husbands about the lesbian experience they had in college that one time. This was no mistake thought and these four girls ran a train on each other licking and flicking and college girl kissing!

What a nice group of kids we have here. They look like the hard working book worms but what mommy and daddy don’t know is that when they are away at school they are playing beer pong and having crazy college sex parties. These two dudes scored some pretty hot freaky chicks in college and these girls love making these wild movies. I don’t even think its about the $10K price daredorm is offering anymore but the fun they have putting on shows for everyone


Mark is one crazy little mutha fucker. The kid gets all these chicks over for a game of flip cup and h turns it into a tsrip flip cup. These girls get najed real fast and cant wait to get it in. Why dosnt this happen at the jersey shore?  This kid snuck in the room while one of his buddies was banging out this hot little brunette that he met down at Starbucks. He turned the night vision on the camera and got all up close and they didn’t even know he was in the room filming while they were fucking like rabbits.


These girls didn’t know the rules that they could only enter the contest by sending us a video. They sent us a photo set of some of the fun they had first semester and although it was steamy they should have read the rules. We have them now so why let them go to waste. Here are some pics of these coed sweet hearts messing around in school. I though you went to that place to get smart? Oh well SEND US MOVIES!



I don’t know how these dudes pulled this off but some how they got these really good lookin Spanish girls to come back to their frat house. These chicks were smoking hot, tanned, tone and had great attitudes. These dudes surrounded them like they were a pile of $100 dollar bills as soon as they started taking their clothes off. The girls didn’t even get nervous with all the camera flashes gonging off. Let’s say thanks to Fred from California for the footage


Richie and his GF Samantha sent in this video clip to put them in the running for our contest. He said this was totally Samantha’s idea and she talked her room mate into it. I’m sure she didn’t have to persuade Richie one bit to fuck her hot big roommate. You offer a prize of $10,000 for the craziest college dorm room sex video and people go nuts. If you would like a chance to submit your video just click on the picture and follow the links.


Brian from Tulane University in New Orleans, La. sent in this scene of him smashing these hot college girls. This boy either has some skills or a bottle of roofies because he got these two girls eating each other out like they were at a 5 star buffet. Props go out to Brian and these sloppy, big titty drunk chicks!


This girl was so horny that she couldnt even wait for the date to be over. Pete took her out for some McDonald’s but this little whore just kept telling him how wet her pussy was for him and that when they got home she anted to fuck an suck his college cock raw.  He didnt even have a chance to clean up his room but it dosnt matter because he knows he will have a different college slut sucking him off friday night.

Some college storys just arent meant to be shared with family and coworkers. This guys sent us a homemade video his ex-gf dunk making out with another girl in their dorm room. He said these girls started joking around about what it would be like to kiss another girl and before he could get the camera thee bitches were on the bed undressed with their tongues in each others mouths. He could smell the sweetcollege pussy in the air. The video gets way dirtier so you have to check it out.

The music was banging in the dorm room of this party at UM. These girls love shaking their asses to the hip hop music. One of these girls just had to show off to the seniors and show that she wasn’t someone to fuck with. We had like 30 people there and this skinny slut stripped off her clothes and started jerking this guy off. She stripped down but naked and fucked this dude on the couch rite there in front of everyone.

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